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Our Mission:  To help students succeed in an ever-changing world by creating an environment where a student can explore learning and relate it to the world in which they live; to expand their understanding of reality; to allow for the…..

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HeartBridge Learning Systems The fuel that drives the HSCS engine is found in the heart of HeartBridge Learning Center’s philosophy We believe Students in the United States are facing daunting challenges like never before.  The pace of change is unprecedented,…..

About Us

Hot Springs Community School Core Values The following values are how we place the student in the center of our objectives. Authentic Community One built on trust-no mask Integrity—we hope to go beyond honesty- we are who we are- no…..


At HSCS we believe in the success of our students. We believe everyone can learn to excel. We believe the growth of our communities begins with our students. We believe in individual growth through failure. We believe in giving back…..

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Bill Vining
Mark Vining
Jessica Fox
Mike Foshee
Amber Hale

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